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Could have been 5

It's a good fun old fashion JRPG I give it one star because of the in app purchases. I don't mind the in app purchases for items that would essentially over power you, but I despise certain dungeons being locked. Played through entire game and only earned 71 SOP (cash shop currency) 120 SOP buys you 1 dungeon. Very disappointed

Solid rpg

Excellent system, fun story.

Insisting from game



So far so good! Fun game


so far I am absolutely loving this game. There are in game purchases but you don't have to use money if you don't want. You can just convert a certain amount of enemies you defeated into the currency and be on your way. I like that.

Great so far

IAP are available but not necessary. As it should be

An excellent RPG with genuine ambition

It has an old-school feel, but still attempts to improve on the formula and often succeeds. This is clearly a game that was lovingly crafted by a talented team.

Great Game but....

Ok the game is great, I like turn based RPGs But it could be better if u guys could add more skills next time like elements skills for strategies like a free online game "Epic Battle Fantasy 4" If u don't get what I am trying to say, it's free so check it out and add some ideas from it to make these epic RPGs more complex!! But other than that great game keep up the good work!!!!!

Really well done!!!

Well done game with IAPs available through gameplay, best idea ever!!! Had no problem purchasing the game with this in mind 👍


Well written. Fun play styles and mechanics. So far enjoying myself quite a bit.

A Rare Hit For Kemco

This is pretty much the only decent RPG I have played from Kemco. It's got its fair share of problems but compared to the drivel that Kemco releases every month, this one was finally a worthwhile purchase. It's not worth more than 99 cents, but at least Kemco didn't create a total failure this time.

Solid game

It's a good game, playing on hard for most anyone not new to this type of RPG.

Great game!

Very good game so far I had been looking for more rpgs to play on my iPhone and this one has sucked me in completely! Don't hesitate to check it out!

Amazing story

Great game! Can't miss this one..

So far so good

Nice diversion

I should have checked it out first...

I find it hard to like anything about this game, but that may be just a matter of personal taste. I was hoping for something more like Wild Blood, and ended up with more of an 8-Bit Zelda-type game. This being the case, I won't put this developer out completely - I am sure I got what I paid for; it's just that what I paid for was what I didn't want...

So far so good

The game is good. It does need a few things. Like better character page and quest page.

Forced review

Seems like game forces you to review....which isn't be necessarily bad but a bit contrived. Otherwise great game so far


The game forces you to write a review. The sprites are a bit better in this graphic engine than in the previous installments but the scrolling is still choppy. No heal points before bosses, no heal at level up and no heal points at all make this a frustrating rather then fun experience.


It's great extremely comical

Very entertaining JRPG

I read thru many reviews for the Kemco games and choose this as my 2nd so far. I was pleased with Machine Knight but this is a step up from that. Fun JRPG style game.

Symphony of the Origin

Just beat this game. So far, out of the JRPGs I've played that Kemco has brought to the table, I've played Chrome Wolf and Fortuna Magus, but I think this is my personal favorite now. Awesome story, gameplay, music (possibly my new favorite soundtrack!!!), everything. I'm still a bit new to JRPGs, but they are becoming my new favorite game type, second only to FPS games (but I can't find many on the App Store that I like...sad face). Definitely recommend. Also, you won't be disappointed by the two games mentioned above if you're into this kind of game.


Kimco JRPGs are incredible and so is this! The game is just like the classics Dragon Quest, but longer and with a great Story! I am really excited for Grinsia coming for Nintendo 3DS!!! Kimco is competing with the old top JRPG companies, while some of them are just wasting time with only remakes and not bringing the good games to the West, Kimco is active!

Impressive and wonderful game! Thumbs up!

This is my time coming across rpg games like this one. The story is very well made and the ending is full of surprises! It also has a thrilling part with a theme song inserted near the end. Overall, this app really deserves an applause and the high ratings. Kudos to all the developers for creating such a fantastic game. Thank you for the hard work and hopefully there can be more like these in the future. ;)

A small step forward for kemco

I think that this should be a model for any future kemco games. I was happy to see some detailed characters in battle as well as the bosses having an armor gauge, those were major pluses in my book. The story is a copy and paste from any other kemco title so I would love to see a fresh new story that really made you feel involved as you played. So far most of the battle animations are the exact same no matter what skill I use so hopefully that doesn't continue. I would love to see the look of your weapons change in battle whenever you get new equipment. I also think you should just have one difficulty. Whatever happened to RPGs where you didn't get to choose your difficulty, you chose your strategy and maybe had to grind a bit to beat certain bosses? Very cool weapon and skill system! Keep working hard kemco, this was your best game so far and I can't wait till you create the one that will be the trend setter for RPGs on mobile. Don't let me down lol


Great game

Great game!

I have really enjoyed playing this game. To begin with I didn't have extremely high expectations for it but have been very pleasantly surprised. The game has well done graphics for a tablet based game and an enjoyable story line. I'm excited to try more games from this company. It was well worth the purchase!

I like it

I like the game, and I love the old turn based fights. The only thing I would say to critique is that; the enemies you run into do not always match what you fight in the battle. I could run into an elemental and end up fighting a mushroom for a bad example. Overall, the game appeals to my fantasy mind!

Awesome game

Awesome game

Another Kemco Gem

This game has pretty graphics and a cool storyline. The characters are also quirky and relatable.

Great jRPG

I love the party play system in the game. It lets you level up all your characters simultaneously. Sort of like "experience share". It makes the whole switching and trying new things with different party members more viable. I also enjoy the storyline and humor used throughout the game. It just made it that much better. But my favorite part of this game lies in the fact that you can beat the game without IAPs! A little bit of grinding for gold and you're set. No need to use IAPs until you feel like exploring around.

Hands down one of the best RPGs

This game is one of the RPGs I have ever played and one of my favorites. The characters are fully developed and the story as well. Thanks kemco :)

NICE!!!! Just NICE!!!!

This is by far the best jrpg they have. :)


This a true great game I've played so far

Cool game

So far I'm living it

Nice rpg

This is a nice, if cliche, RPG. Brings back memories of the old RPGs that kept me entertained as a kid. The game is streamlined so it avoids overly complicated controls and lets you focus on the game. Sometimes the dialog drags on and on and bogs down the game but all in all it's a lot of fun. Worth the price.

Disappointed and ripped off at $3.99 (on sale!)

From all of the reviews I went ahead and purchased this game at the sale price of $3.99. Such a disappointment!! I did read the review of another who said that there were in-app purchases to access special quest items, other characters and access to other areas on the map, and that you could convert every 5 AP (battle points, 1 point per battle) into SOP to buy those extras. However! You have to fight 600 battles to even earn enough SOP's to open another area on the map. One major thing that I find lacking is a Quest button. You meet random people in a place that tell you what they need, but there is no list to access those side quests and the requirements. Like I mentioned before though, you have to use SOP points to even unlock some of those quest items. :/ Another major item missing is when you go to buy weapons/armor, there is NO indication of how that piece is better (or less) than what you currently have. There is no comparison, so when you buy something, you won't know the difference (better/same/worse) until you try to put it on. :/. Last, but not least, the joystick is placed way to high up on the screen. I always find myself having to look for the little button. Needless to say, there are much more better thought out games such as Inotia, that IMHO, are far superior AND do NOT cost as much! Even though this game was on sale, having to unlock additional items to complete side quests, with no quest list, and no markers on town maps to indicate people of importance, does not justify the sale price of $3.99!!!! This should be a $1.99 game at most!!! Rip off.....


It a fun game to play

Fun so far.

Another great JRPG by Kemco. Nice art, cute characters, etc.

Brings me back

I've got to say, I really enjoy this game. It brings me back to my younger years. I was interested in the customization aspect of the game and the abilities attached to the parts. In future games, I would really like to see this expanded upon. Another GREAT aspect I super enjoy is the fact that the player can earn SOP points in game or buy them. The option is really refreshing vs almost all other apps that I've played in this same vein of games. I don't mind the grind to earn the points because it just lets me boost the characters at the same time. So, to the team behind this game, I would like to say thank you and keep up the good work. I'd really like to see other games in the future! Please continue to grow and better in this and I will continue to share this with my friends. You have a customer for some time if you keep producing games of this quality or better.


Pretty fun, way to much though, then you need to buy the rest of the content in the game with more real money.

great game

Finally full ipad support. 3hours in and lots of fun so far.

RPG symphony of the origin

Fun rpg game . Buy it. You won't regret it

Great classic rpg

I've been looking for a good classic rpg game for long time and this game hits all the marks. I've just started playing and I'm hooked. If you are one for classic rpg type games this is the one for you.

Great game but

This game is wonderful I love the auto fight button it makes the fight go so much faster when they not worth the time to click commands. The graphics are very good I would have like to see there gear chance as you got better stuff for then at least the weapon getting cooler looking. I would have to say out of all the bad stuff I personally didn't like is that I can see the bad guys I have to fight I would have rather fights be random as you move along the map you just get into fights rather then see the fight and actively move to him to start the encounter. After all said and done this game is well worth the price for the pos to the neg of it. Thank you chad lampe

I love this game.

It's was worth the price and I like all the rpgs by kemco so far. I think so far the story is great. The game art is really beautiful. I do like the monster and boss battles. The music is great. I hoping one day to play a kemco game with some voice acting. I know having to do that would make a game more expensive. Even more so with having to get people to do English dub but it might be cool.

<3 <3 <3

I grew up on Squaresoft jRPGs, with an Earthbound and Suikoden here and there. I've been very unimpressed with the majority of iOS RPG offerings -- there are so many lackluster ports and freemium grindfests that I had just about given up on the genre. I am ~so~ happy to discover Kemco. Symphony of the Origin is a beautiful RPG with a fleshed out world that is right at home on my iPod. The menu system is streamlined for the touch screen. The translation is a bit awkward in places, but that only increases the appeal to an old timer like me. My only major complaint is with the character movement -- it starts off slow and speeds up. I have no idea why this was deemed a good design, but it makes navigating dungeons (and trying to sneak attack enemies) a real drag. I'm also not a huge fan of the virtual d-pad, although it's certainly manageable...it'd be really nice to get some iCade Mobile support, nonetheless.

Just awesome!!!

Easy to play and follow the flow of the game. I love the options to paid or just continue without paying for upgrades. Well drawn art and characters. Story is great and I just think KEMCO hit another home run with this game.

Actually pretty good

They could fix some interface like changing equipment of out of combat characters and fix death graphics of enemies.... But otherwise so far it's fun and engaging. A lot like some old school final fantasy that I really miss.

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